Whey Protein Shake with Milk or Water – Recipes and Preparation

Anyone can prepare a Whey Protein shake with milk or water according to the instructions of the pack. Simply dissolve whey protein in water or milk with the measuring cup and you have already enriched the protein-hungry body. But if it’s not just the minimalist version and you have time and a corresponding electric mixer, you can make yourself extremely delicious Protein Water shakes with whey protein itself. A few tips on whey protein shake with milk or water preparation and soon also tasty recipes.

Whey protein shake with milk or water preparation

protein shake with milk or water

The consistency or much more the creaminess of the protein drink is the most important factor for a good shake! Watery, lumpy broth can quickly spoil the desire to drink. The main reason for pieces and non-creamy consistency is a blender with too little power! Only a good electric mixer has enough watts and high quality blades to beat even tougher ingredients like apples, oatmeal or frozen fruits to a creamy mass!

Important for success: enough volume! Even strong mixers can only shred properly if there is enough liquid in the container!

Ideal whey protein powder for protein drinks

The ideal powder for a Whey Protein shake with milk or water with natural flavor carriers such as fruits is the Ion-X Protein Water, as it is also without taste! The powder Drink has an excellent price-performance ratio and a very good quality and is our first choice for the blender!

For other shakes in which, for example, Orange Guava Flavour should dominate or the tastes wonderfully compatible with the other ingredients, of course, the corresponding powder is suitable. For example, the Ion-X Protein Water has a very good Orange Guava Flavour. The products are a Not expensive, they also taste good in water and are suitable for the production of low-calorie shakes. Otherwise, you can confidently fall back on the Whey Protein shake with milk or water preparation on cheap products such as the above-mentioned powder Drink of Ion-X Protein Water, as you have the flavours in the following recipes (which are not all specifically on rock-hard bodybuilding diet but trimmed to taste!) From the other ingredients such as fruits, nuts and other things together!

Whey protein shake with milk or water recipes

Here we present our favourite recipes for protein drinks! These recipes are rather for the “reasonable enjoyment” thought and include something sinful!

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Nutrition Myths – 5 Lies that are Keeping You from the Body You Want

In the quest for weight loss (really fat loss), you need to eat better. Working hard and things that don’t work won’t make them work. Avoiding wasting your energy on BS. Get the scoop on the top 5 nutrition myths:

1. Food Labels Are Truthful

Let’s get this out of the way right now, food labels are designed to sell food, not to tell the truth. Through the magic of political lobbying its 100% LEGAL for food manufacturers to print outright lies on their products. Case in point: PAM.

PAM cooking spray is sold as “fat free.” Normal people would think that “fat free” means that there is no fat inside that can of “fat free” PAM. Ironically, fat free PAM is actually 100%, PURE FAT. Check the ingredients list, the first ingredient is “corn oil.” All oils are, by definition, 100%, pure fat and nothing else

How can they possibly be allowed to label pure fat as “fat free”? A simple FDA labeling loop-hole (and there are many!) that says, “so long as there is less than 0.5g of fat per serving, then you may label your food as fat free.” So, the serving size of “fat free” PAM is .3g, or a 1/3 second spray – there should be over 700 serving per can (you and I both know you cannot make 700 meals with a single can). Since, there isn’t .5g of anything in the serving it can, with all legality, be labeled as “fat free.”

Solution: Read the nutrition facts label (ignore the %), and look at the serving size, total number of calories per serving and read the ingredients. This is where the actual truth of the food lives. Food manufactures have the FDA’s blessing to lie to you on the front. It is buyer beware.

2. Skipping Meals Will Help You Drop Fat

In fact, the opposite is true. In Japan, sumo wrestlers have discovered something very effective for massive weight gain (fat, with not much muscle) – skipping breakfast! Depending on when your last meal before bed was you’ve been without food for 6-12 hours when you wake up in the morning. This means that your body has essentially nothing to run off of. This, in turn, means that your metabolism stays depressed until your first meal, and that in the mean time your body is burning muscle – NOT fat – for fuel. This is great if you are interested in losing muscle and water, but bad news if you were hoping to drop body-fat.

Solution: Eat breakfast (duh!), no matter how short on time you think you are. There are a lot of quick breakfast ideas on my web-site that won’t leave you fat and tired – one is as quick as 1 minute to prepare. If you can’t wake up 5-10min. earlier (prepare and eat) to take care of your physique, then you should probably give up now.

3. Smoothies Are Healthy

While my smoothie recipe would make a very healthy, lean-body breakfast or post workout meal, what you will find commercially available would be the equivalent of drinking almost two an a half 12oz. cans of regular, high-fructose corn syrup filled Coca-Cola. They also have NO protein to speak of either – that’s a recipe for weak flabby arms, and a big old jelly belly. (A medium Orange/Guava Flavour from Ion-X Protein Water has 99.9% sugar Free and 30g of protein and a 12oz. can of Coke have 39.9g of sugar).

ion x protein water

ion x protein water

Solution: The next time you get a smoothie tell the guy at the counter “just fruit, yogurt and protein powder. No juice or sweetener.”. Pick the flavour you want, and tell them to hold the sugar (honey, juice, sorbet…), and pay for a scoop or two of protein powder so that you end up with just fruit, yogurt, protein and ice and maybe Splenda too. Or, just make it yourself at home or Buy Now Ion-x Protein Water.

4. Low-fat Fruity Yogurt Is Good For You

Low-fat or fat-free “fruit” containing and/or flavoured yogurt is essentially candy in a cup. An 8oz. serving of fruit flavoured fat-free yogurt has 250% more sugar than it’s non-fruit flavoured counterpart. There are 43 grams in a single cup! That’s the equivalent of eating 1.5 cups of mini-marshmallows! Tooty-fruity, big-fat booty:-)

Solution: Buy your own fat-free yogurt, preferably FAGE, and add real fruit to it. It tastes better, actually has protein and fiber, and no where near as much sugar as the pre-mixed stuff.

5. Moderate Drinkers Live Longer

From very respectable sources, you’ve heard over and over again, “people who drink 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day live longer than those who do not drink at all.” The reality is that the research that “proves” the health benefits of alcohol is questionable at best. The researchers divided people up into three categories: Group A: heavy drinkers, Group B: moderate drinkers, Group C: non-drinkers. Then, over time they gathered data on how long these groups lived. The problem is with Group C which had both those who do not drink because they choose not to (a very small number of people), AND those who CANNOT drink because they are either former alcoholics or are so sick that they just can’t drink. Former alcoholics, and people who are so sick that they can’t drink do not live very long. When you average the short life spans for the very sick and the former alcoholics, with the much longer life span of the choice-non-drinkers, you get a number that appears to be smaller than the number for the moderate drinkers.

Furthermore, if you currently average 1-2 drinks per day you could drop between 13.5 and 27 pounds in a year if you stopped (those numbers are for very small drinks: 5oz. of wine, 12 oz. of beer – you have never seen a 12oz. glass of beer at a bar in your life).

Solution: Don’t kid yourself. Drinking is something you do because you like to do it, NOT because there are any well established health benefits associated with it. Red wine has some good stuff in it because it’s made from whole grapes, not because there is something special about alcohol. So, you’d be better off eating the whole grapes. The less you drink, the better off you will be. That doesn’t mean don’t ever drink, it just means be aware of what moderation really means – infrequent.

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The Top Benefits of Protein Water

Protein Water Benefits

If an individual loves to hit the gym, then how can he stay away from the Protein water? There are plethora reasons to drink protein shakes. Protein water helps the body to lose fat and preserve the muscle of the body. It helps to tone the body as well. Going to the gym helps to improve the strength but when the exercise is combined with the intake of Protein water, it can do wonders. It tends to increase the mass which is fat free and improves the muscle strength to a great extent. The body develops endurance and the muscles grow healthy.

protein water

protein water

Learn the Nutrition Facts of Protein Water Here

There are numerous benefits as to why you should use proteins water. Consuming Protein water make the individual feel full therefore reducing the hunger. The person eats less thus stays in that perfect body shape. For people who want that muscular body like body builders or are athletes, Protein water is the most beneficial form of protein. Protein is one of the important requirements of the body. Thus to boost the synthesis of protein in the body, it is recommended consuming protein after workout. So, Proteins water is undoubtedly the best choice. If a person wants to stay fit, Proteins water is the thing that should be a part of your daily routine.

As the age of the person increases, the capability of the body to produce the amino acids decrease which increase the requirement of protein supplements. Proteins water contains all the necessary and vital amino acids required by the body. So, there are some very important reasons to drink protein water shakes. It fulfills all the protein requirements of the body and is highly beneficial for many organs. It supports the immune system of the body and increases the energy levels. It keeps the muscles and joints healthy. Proteins water has antioxidant properties thus it protects the tissues of the body. It maintains a health metabolic rate and the burning level of fat.

If you currently have or are trying to start a healthy lifestyle, Protein water is the ideal thing to consume. So, now you know why you should use proteins water. But, it is very essential to choose the right proteins water for your body because you cannot put your health on stake at any cost. Proteins water has all the nutrients of the ingredients intact so that all these can be imbibed by the body of the individual who consumes it. Hit the gym, have Proteins water and stay fit and be a source of inspiration for others.


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What is Gastric Bypass Surgery and the Gastric Sleeve Diet?

The question what is gastric bypass surgery is one that has been batted around since the procedure was discovered many years ago. At one time, people with health problems and people who were obese had no recourse but to lose weight in the best way that they could. If they could not stop eating or had a medical condition that caused them to become obese, they were just unhealthy for the rest of their life.

Below you will find some information that will help you to understand gastric bypass surgery and the diet that you should follow afterwards.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

This type of surgery is used to help people lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestines handle the food that they eat on a daily basis. Once the surgery is completed, your stomach will become smaller, making it possible for you to survive and become full on less food.Bariatric surgery Word Cloud Concept

The food that you eat will bypass some parts of your stomach and parts of your small intestine that break down your food. These results in your body not getting the calories from the food that it usually gets that causes obesity in some people.

This operation is said to be successful a lot of the time and has improved the quality of life for many people in the past. If you are considering gastric bypass surgery such as a sleeve gastrectomy, you will need to talk to your doctor and see what the benefits and risks are.

gastric sleeve diet

gastric sleeve diet

Why have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Having this type of surgery is performed for a few different reasons. These reasons are listed below. You will also have to follow a strict Gastric Sleeve Diet if you want to keep off the weight as the surgery is designed to help you do.

Your doctor will usually not recommend this type of surgery, unless you cannot lose large amounts of weight and not until after all other weight loss surgery options are tried.

Often being obese and having type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure will prompt a doctor to suggest this type of surgery to try to get you back in the health that you need to be in.

You need to realize that this surgery is in no way a pick fix for being overweight. You will need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan and eat healthy in order to keep the weight off after the surgery is performed.

What are the Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

As with any type of surgery, this type of surgery has its risk. Remember that no matter how simple a surgery may seem, any surgery is not to be taken lightly and instructions need to be followed to the letter. The risks are listed below that are associated with this type of surgery.

  • Allergic reactions to the medications that are given
  • Blood clots can develop in your legs and can travel to your lungs if you are not careful
  • You can suffer blood loss
  • You can end up with breathing problems
  • You run the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke during the surgery
  • You run the risk of developing a bladder, lung, or kidney infection or even getting an infection in the cut from the surgery.

What Type of Diet Do you Need?

You will most probably be put on the gastric sleeve diet after one year surgery. This diet has several different purposes, the biggest is to help you keep the weight off and to help you recover from the surgery as well. They are listed below.

The diet allows the staples in your stomach to heal, instead of being stretched apart by the food that you eat.

The diet is to help you get accustomed to eating smaller amounts of food safely and quickly.

The diet is to help you lose the weight that you need to lose and to keep that weight off so that you are the best you that you can be.

The diet is to help you avoid complications and side effects associated with the surgery as well.

Some stuff that you will be allowed to have during the first few days after the surgery include broth, unsweetened juice, cream soup that has been strained, milk, and gelatin that is sugar free. You will want to follow the doctor’s instructions to a tee, so that you will not undo the hard work that you have done and the pain that you have gone though.

This is just a little of what you need to know after having this type of surgery. Remember, that all other weight loss options will be exhausted, before this drastic step is taken. You need to see your doctor if you feel you are a person who needs this type of surgery.

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