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Gold Coast Driving Lessons


Gold Coast, which is in the south of Brisbane not have many good driving instructors who are Australian Government approved and with a number of years of experience in offering driving lessons. If you are on the lookout for the best Gold Coast driving instructor to take driving lessons, get in touch with Jamie.

Jamie is an experienced driver as well as an Australian Government approved driving instructor. He is one of the most approachable driving instructors. Jamie has a highly professional approach to his driving lessons and this will ensure that you get the right kind of training. Jamie possesses all the qualities of a good driving instructor and you will never regret choosing him as your Gold Coast driving instructor. He is capable of helping his students understand the basics of driving both in terms of theory and actual driving.

driving lessons gold coast
driving lessons gold coast

Though there are number of driving schools in Gold Coast, not all of them are good and not all of them stand up to their own promises. Jamie is a driving instructor with a difference. He knows what it means to be a beginner and the mistakes that are bound to happen when you are a beginner. He is extremely patient with his students. His style inspires interest in driving and makes you look forward for your next driving lesson. Those who have taken driving lessons from other driving instructors will know that this does not happen with every driving instructor.

One of the reasons why people postpone their driving lessons is because of their inability to find time to attend their lessons. They will be either at their work place or at college when the driving instructor is available for the lessons. With Jamie, you will not have to postpone your driving lessons anymore; he is one of the most flexible driving instructors who understands the limitations and time constraints of his students. You can pick your lesson timings based on your daily schedule. If you cannot afford to take time daily for your driving lessons, you can choose to join the crash course and take intensive driving lessons gold coast. Only you know your time constrictions the best so you are free to pick the nature of your driving lessons based on your convenience. Whether it is regular driving lessons or crash course, Jamie makes sure that you get complete instructions in terms of both theory and driving practice. You will not miss out anything with the crash course. Crash courses to cover everything that will be handled in regular driving lessons.

When you take your driving lessons from Jamie, you will be able to face the driving tests with great confidence. Jamie’s driving lessons gold coast are not just about facing the driving test. The real test is on the road when you actually start driving. Jamie’s driving lessons are geared towards making you a confident driver.

If you want to be a good driver, you should have good road sense and good attitude towards driving. Jamie will groom you into an excellent driver. The skills and the lessons that you receive now will remain with you for life. So the money that you spend on your driving lessons is worth every penny you spend.

If you already hold your driving license and looking for Pass Plus driving lessons, Jamie will be able to help you out. Pass Plus lessons will train the students in advanced driving skills. It will also correct all the wrong driving habits that we have developed over a period. Taking Pass Plus lessons will also help you get better insurance rates.

All the driving lessons are offered with dual control vehicles to ensure additional safety during the driving lessons gold coast. Jamie’s driving lessons are very reasonably priced so that everyone can benefit from his lessons. If you want to get the right kind of instructions in driving and if you want to become a safe driver then choose Jamie and you will never regret.

Jamie’s Gold Coast driving school is a franchise of Jamie1st driving school. All Jamie1st instructors are Australian Government approved. Being a Jamie1st driving franchise will give you additional guarantee on the quality of driving lessons offered and on the quality of the vehicle used for driving instructions.