Whey Protein Shake with Milk or Water – Recipes and Preparation


Anyone can prepare a Whey Protein shake with milk or water according to the instructions of the pack. Simply dissolve whey protein in water or milk with the measuring cup and you have already enriched the protein-hungry body. But if it’s not just the minimalist version and you have time and a corresponding electric mixer, you can make yourself extremely delicious Protein Water shakes with whey protein itself. A few tips on whey protein shake with milk or water preparation and soon also tasty recipes.

Whey protein shake with milk or water preparation

protein shake with milk or water

The consistency or much more the creaminess of the protein drink is the most important factor for a good shake! Watery, lumpy broth can quickly spoil the desire to drink. The main reason for pieces and non-creamy consistency is a blender with too little power! Only a good electric mixer has enough watts and high quality blades to beat even tougher ingredients like apples, oatmeal or frozen fruits to a creamy mass!

Important for success: enough volume! Even strong mixers can only shred properly if there is enough liquid in the container!

Ideal whey protein powder for protein drinks

The ideal powder for a Whey Protein shake with milk or water with natural flavor carriers such as fruits is the Ion-X Protein Water, as it is also without taste! The powder Drink has an excellent price-performance ratio and a very good quality and is our first choice for the blender!

For other shakes in which, for example, Orange Guava Flavour should dominate or the tastes wonderfully compatible with the other ingredients, of course, the corresponding powder is suitable. For example, the Ion-X Protein Water has a very good Orange Guava Flavour. The products are a Not expensive, they also taste good in water and are suitable for the production of low-calorie shakes. Otherwise, you can confidently fall back on the Whey Protein shake with milk or water preparation on cheap products such as the above-mentioned powder Drink of Ion-X Protein Water, as you have the flavours in the following recipes (which are not all specifically on rock-hard bodybuilding diet but trimmed to taste!) From the other ingredients such as fruits, nuts and other things together!

Whey protein shake with milk or water recipes

Here we present our favourite recipes for protein drinks! These recipes are rather for the “reasonable enjoyment” thought and include something sinful!