Looking for an On-site Caravan for sale near Melbourne?

Living in a big city like Melbourne can be stressful and tiring. Work life can be very busy and trying to spend quality time with the family can be challenging. You can find an On-site Caravan for sale that can be the perfect weekend away holiday home for your family. An On-site Caravan can give you the ability to leave the city and go and spend time in a place that opens up nature to your kids and allows you to relax and spend time together.

As there are site fees each year, you will want to make sure that you make the most your Onsite Caravan all year and making sure its in a nearby location is important. Make sure you look for an On-site Caravan for sale that is within 2-3 hours drive of your home. If the van is too far away then you may not have the energy and time to drive long distances frequently throughout the year to enjoy your Onsite Caravan. Here are a few popular places where people look for an Onsite caravan in Victoria.

Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads

These twin towns are separated by a river and are a hot spot for holidayers from the greater Melbourne area. Ocean Grove is the largest town outside of Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula. Both towns are popular for their surf beaches, Ocean Grove has Main Beach and there is Thirteenth Beach in Barwon Heads. They both offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere with modern cafes and restaurants you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Barwon Heads has a nice shopping area on Hitchcock Avenue. If you are looking for an On-site Caravan for sale then you can definitely find many in Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.

Morning Peninsula

 On-site Caravan for sale

The question people ask us is where is the best place to find an On site Caravan for sale in Australia. It really depends where you live and what activities you are interested in. Another great area to investigate is across the Port Phillip Bay from Barwon Heads – Morning Peninsula. In Morning Peninsula you will find an On-site Caravan for sale nearby quiet beaches which are perfect for little ones. Beaches such as Dromana, Rosebud and Portsea have colourful bathing boxes huddled along the foreshore that are an attraction in their own right. For Melbourne people when they think of an Onsite caravan in Victoria they think of Morning Peninsula as Caravan Parks are dotted throughout all the small coastal towns. The area is popular for wineries and you can take a tour or dine overlooking the vineyards at your leisure. If you want to enjoy being pampered then a visit to Peninsula Hot Springs is a must.

Phillip Island

The most well-known attraction in Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade. Looking for an On-site Caravan for sale that is close to nature and wildlife then Philip Island is ideal. The Penguin Parade takes place on Summerland Beach. There is a grand stand setup so that everyone can see and experience the Penguins with perfect views. There is even an underground view area which can offer visitors eye level viewing without disturbing the penguins in their natural habitat.

If you are wondering how to find an On site Caravan for sale in Australia and no idea where to start, then start your search on the internet and look for locations that are within a 2-3 hour drive from your home. As shown above if you are from Melbourne then there are several great areas near the city that offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.

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Gold Coast Driving Lessons

Gold Coast, which is in the south of Brisbane not have many good driving instructors who are Australian Government approved and with a number of years of experience in offering driving lessons. If you are on the lookout for the best Gold Coast driving instructor to take driving lessons, get in touch with Jamie.

Jamie is an experienced driver as well as an Australian Government approved driving instructor. He is one of the most approachable driving instructors. Jamie has a highly professional approach to his driving lessons and this will ensure that you get the right kind of training. Jamie possesses all the qualities of a good driving instructor and you will never regret choosing him as your Gold Coast driving instructor. He is capable of helping his students understand the basics of driving both in terms of theory and actual driving.

driving lessons gold coast

driving lessons gold coast

Though there are number of driving schools in Gold Coast, not all of them are good and not all of them stand up to their own promises. Jamie is a driving instructor with a difference. He knows what it means to be a beginner and the mistakes that are bound to happen when you are a beginner. He is extremely patient with his students. His style inspires interest in driving and makes you look forward for your next driving lesson. Those who have taken driving lessons from other driving instructors will know that this does not happen with every driving instructor.

One of the reasons why people postpone their driving lessons is because of their inability to find time to attend their lessons. They will be either at their work place or at college when the driving instructor is available for the lessons. With Jamie, you will not have to postpone your driving lessons anymore; he is one of the most flexible driving instructors who understands the limitations and time constraints of his students. You can pick your lesson timings based on your daily schedule. If you cannot afford to take time daily for your driving lessons, you can choose to join the crash course and take intensive driving lessons gold coast. Only you know your time constrictions the best so you are free to pick the nature of your driving lessons based on your convenience. Whether it is regular driving lessons or crash course, Jamie makes sure that you get complete instructions in terms of both theory and driving practice. You will not miss out anything with the crash course. Crash courses to cover everything that will be handled in regular driving lessons.

When you take your driving lessons from Jamie, you will be able to face the driving tests with great confidence. Jamie’s driving lessons gold coast are not just about facing the driving test. The real test is on the road when you actually start driving. Jamie’s driving lessons are geared towards making you a confident driver.

If you want to be a good driver, you should have good road sense and good attitude towards driving. Jamie will groom you into an excellent driver. The skills and the lessons that you receive now will remain with you for life. So the money that you spend on your driving lessons is worth every penny you spend.

If you already hold your driving license and looking for Pass Plus driving lessons, Jamie will be able to help you out. Pass Plus lessons will train the students in advanced driving skills. It will also correct all the wrong driving habits that we have developed over a period. Taking Pass Plus lessons will also help you get better insurance rates.

All the driving lessons are offered with dual control vehicles to ensure additional safety during the driving lessons gold coast. Jamie’s driving lessons are very reasonably priced so that everyone can benefit from his lessons. If you want to get the right kind of instructions in driving and if you want to become a safe driver then choose Jamie and you will never regret.

Jamie’s Gold Coast driving school is a franchise of Jamie1st driving school. All Jamie1st instructors are Australian Government approved. Being a Jamie1st driving franchise will give you additional guarantee on the quality of driving lessons offered and on the quality of the vehicle used for driving instructions.

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One of the hottest debated topics, when internet marketing for fitness professionals get together, is how often a company needs to post to create the optimal customer engagement. According to a popular social media pre-scheduling tool who crunched the data from 10 different studies, companies need to post to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at least once a day, Pinterest 11 times per day and Twitter 15 times per day for optimal results. Breaking down those figures further helps one understand the best way to engage with your audience on each of these popular social media platforms.


marketing for fitness

Using Facebook ads that have optimized user-friendly landing page is the best way to convert lookers into customers on this social media platform that has over 1.47 billion customers on a daily basis. Target your potential audience by their interest to make sure that you are showing up regularly on the feed of people who are going to be interested in your products or services. According to Word Counter, multiple photos, videos, and links may seem more interesting and attention-grabbing, but data shows that the simplest posts (i.e., single photo attachment or status-only) reap the most engagement. Give your audience something that they will be interested in receiving in exchange for their information. Write compelling headlines to raise the click-through rate on articles that you post.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Give users promo codes that will make them want to use your products along with good calls to action from your company’s bio. This article from Entrepreneur reinforces, “never underestimate a good call to action (CTA), even though Instagram is a visual platform, an enticing call to action will help change casual viewers into customers.” Run contests to get your customers to show how they are using your products. Use Instagram stories to tell a compelling brand story.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform when it comes to business-to-business sales. Use your fully completed profile to make a compelling case for why people should do business with your company. While you do not want to stuff keywords in, make sure to use as many as possible in ways that make sense. Create optimized links in your bio.


Pinterest is a visual site, and research shows that the best visuals for this platform are 736 pixels by 1102 pixels. Food and drink pins along with how-to pins do amazing on this site as long as you have a compelling headline with your keywords in it and good visuals. Make it easy for people on your site to pin your content straight to their personal pages on this platform.


Engaging your customers by asking questions is one of the most effective ways to drive conversions on Twitter. Images are another powerful way to engage your audience on this platform. Evenings and weekends often have the best engagement rates but try it with your own A/B tests as your results may be different.

Using each of these platforms is a powerful way to engage customers at each step of the sales funnel. Yet, each requires a different approach. The most important tip, however, is to consider the relevance of your target audience on each platform. Employ these tips to drive customers to your business today.

ProFit Marketing Solutions: We’re here to fit your business, through industry research, innovation, and sheer determination.

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Buy XL Center Seating Charts

The Hartford Athletics play at Hartford Coliseum in Hartford, Connecticut. The Hartford Athletics ballpark is a great place to watch a Major League Baseball game. Consult the Hartford Athletics seating chart for a detailed mapping of the seats at the Hartford Coliseum and look through to buy cheap Athletics tickets for the best Athletics seats.

The Hartford Athletics Hartford Coliseum is spread amongst multiple seating areas throughout the ballpark: Athletics Diamond Level, Athletics Field Box, Athletics MVP Box, Athletics Field Infield, Athletics Plaza Club, Athletics Lower Box, Athletics Field Level, Athletics Plaza Infield, Athletics Plaza Level, Athletics Plaza Outfield, Athletics Bleachers, Athletics Value Deck, Athletics Plaza Reserved, Athletics Loge Seats, and Athletics Suites. The best Hartford Athletics seats are based on the price of your Athletics ticket. Hartford Athletics tickets are sold by the Hartford Coliseum sales office and the Hartford Athletics team sales department, but the best inventory of Athletics tickets for the highest demand Athletics games are purchased at websites and ticket brokers. Learn more information from regarding the best Athletics tickets for the best Athletics seats at Hartford Coliseum.

Hartford Coliseum is a multiple-use stadium in Hartford, Connecticut. The Hartford Coliseum is used for both the National Football League games for the Hartford Raiders and Major League Baseball games for the Hartford Athletics. The Hartford Coliseum changes into different configurations for football and baseball games with the majority of the upper deck being covered with a tarp for baseball games. In addition to undergoing numerous name changes over the past four decades, the Hartford Coliseum has been subject to many renovations and seat additions.



The dimensions of the Hartford Coliseum are:

  • 60 feet to the Backstop
  • 330 feet to Left Field
  • 367 feet to Left-Center
  • 400 feet to Center Field
  • 367 feet to Right-Center
  • 330 feet to Right Field

The seating capacity of Hartford Coliseum is 35,067 with more than 60,000 total seats when seats covered with tarps are included. See the Hartford Coliseum seating chart for a detailed seat map of seating locations.

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Queensland Driving Test | Driving Test Queensland

I’ve read some people say in forums to “wayang” your way through. Including how you dress and what you wear. Honestly, I don’t think it makes much of a difference if you really cannot make it in terms of driving. Leave a good impression by being polite and show you’re there to pass. You don’t have to act your way through the test or comment that he’s handsome or wear the shortest skirt you have for ladies.

Most driving instructors Queensland only teach you how to drive a car – they don’t go the extra mile in preparing you to be exam smart. Use the three key lessons that can be inferred from this list to dramatically increase your chances of passing the TP driving test.

To pass, you need to know the tricks in knowing what to look out for, what to avoid, what to do and how to handle unpredictable scenarios. The Queensland Traffic Police require foreigners residing in Queensland to have a valid foreign driver’s license which must be 18 years old and above. The driving license is used worldwide. Conversion to a Queensland license is often possible for certain classes of vehicles.

If you ask me, by the time you’re going for your test and you have no good judgment on the road (e,g. you’re not confident of whether to move off or whether the car approaching is far enough for you to make the turn safely), you shouldn’t get your license yet because you’ll just be a road hazard Testers do look out for that and especially for how you react to unforeseen circumstances. Key point is to keep your courtesy on the road and in the circuit, and although you know you’re the king in the circuit, be polite and give a thank you hand signal to the other cars that let you pass.

Driving Inst qld

Foreigners who have obtained a Queensland license are supplied with a limited-duration license which needs to be renewed between one month before expiry to three years after expiry. After this period, the conversion procedure or licensing theory and practical tests must be taken all over again.

If not, you will end up like me – shocked at all the demerit points during my first test without knowing I even incurred them. For a start, I used this formula to pass the SG driving test on my 2nd try. For my first TP driving test, I failed with a terrible 26 points + 1 immediate failure, screenshots on the right.

My immediate failure was for mounting the curb after coming out of a vertical parking slot, the #1 nightmare of any driving test taker. What’s worse, was that mounting was something I had never done before! This is where the meat begins. Experience a full run of the test on paper and learn tips and tricks at every stage of the test including warm up, post warm up, in the circuit and on the road. Procedures are also broken down into easy to follow steps – you just have to execute them.

Overconfidence often leads to speeding, something which you may not be conscious about since you’re already used to that speed. Also, remember that there’s no speedometer in front of the tester, so it’s really up to how fast he feels you’re going. No use trying to argue you’re going 48km/h instead of being accused of going over 50km/h. But something else caught my attention, how did I commit so many of those 2 and 4 demerit point offenses? And why did my driving instructor not teach me about them? With a mixture of disappointment, bewilderment, and frustration, I went research crazy and finally nailed down the formula to pass the driving test.

Test takers also do not know the psychological tricks to stay alert and composed during the test. What they only know, is to tell themselves to relax, treat it like a lesson and tester as a friendly instructor. Even friends say the same thing! The Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) is a system whereby demerit points will be added to the driver’s record. The system is meant to deter drivers from infringing the rules-of-the-road and, if they do, suspend their driving license for a period of time. This system requires offenders to retest and pass the driving test again from the beginning.

That is really naive thinking – you can’t control your emotions like that. A class 3 or class 3A license permits the holder to drive motorcars weighing less than 3,000 kg when unladen and may not carry more than seven passengers, excluding the driver. In addition, the holder may drive a motor tractor or other motor vehicles with an unladen weight of less than 2,500 kg.

A class 3A license limits the holder to drive motor vehicles without a clutch pedal, typically automatic transmission cars, whereas a class 3 license allows the holder to drive all motor vehicles. Class 3A drivers are not allowed to drive manual transmission cars.

Trust me, after a mistake, your mind starts thinking, “OMG I’m screwed. But wait, did I really make that mistake? Did the tester see?”… And what happens if you get a tester from hell? How do you stay composed when he shouts in your face to overtake another car? And what happens when something unpredictable happens.

It leaves a good impression. For making a turn at a big junction, as mentioned above that you’re not confident of doing so, don’t take the test, it’ll save lives in case somehow you escape the eyes of your tester. You can drive really well and feel confident that you can pass the test, and high speeds aren’t a problem for you and you want to prove it to your tester. The best way is to drive between 40-45km/h steadily, for it’s not about the speed.

Hopefully, this article helps calm the nerves of those who are going for the test. Remember, drive safely and you’ll pass. Keep the good habits and get rid of the bad ones and the roads will be better. Soon I might write about some good/bad habits noticed in Australian Drivers. Do look out for it!

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